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The Coaching LEADERSHIP through the Life and Humanity of Leader Yi Sun-ShinThe Coaching LEADERSHIP through the Life and Humanity of Leader Yi Sun-Shin

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The Coaching LEADERSHIP through the Life and Humanity of Leader Yi Sun-Shin
Joo Young-cheolPark Gyun-yeol
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Leadership; Coaching Leadership; Yi Sun-Sin; 4thIndustrial Revolution; Authentic Leadership
International Journal of Human & Disaster, v.4, no.2, pp.1 - 14
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International Journal of Human & Disaster
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This research aims to specify the coaching leadership through Korean traditional military leader Yi Sun-shin. The whole society of the 20th Century is very complicated not to make a decision. So in the era of this trend, the society needs to be guided by who got the Charismatic Leadership based on solid wisdom and self-moderation competence. Usually mysticism, elitism, and strong charisma have been known as typical leadership. But now world is changing rapidly, so 21st century is questioning new leadership to today’s leaders. If so, what is correct answer which leaders of this age must answer? It could be not charisma but ‘empathy’ and ‘de-authority’. Even the present generation leaves doubts to leadership itself from the very first. This research tried to draw a consensus between Yi Sun-sin Leadership through stage of lifetime based on 10 pictures and Coaching Leadership at shifting point of leadership paradigm. As results of analyzing 10 spectrums, wellspring of Yi Sun-sin Leadership becomes summarized 7 kinds of core key words as noble character, values, principle, genuine ability, horizontal communication, transformation and innovation, and justice. Those also can be discovered to attain the highest perfection of leadership by consilience of conventional and modern leadership theory. As this is existential leadership that this age is needed, it’s against the coaching leadership to help centering true-self as way of being. This study finds out common dominator between Leader Yi Sun-sin and Coaching Leadership by projecting Yi Sun-sin’s life to coaching philosophy and Coaching Core Competency(CCC). Even during 21st century, we have to still understand and pursue the greatest leader Yi Sun-sin’s authentic leadership.
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