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Multi-functions of Protaetia brevitarsis surensis (PBS, Larvae for Food) Reported in South Korea

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Asian Journal of Advances in Agricultural Research
Asian Journal of Advances in Agricultural Research, v.2021-16(4), pp.1 - 8
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Asian Journal of Advances in Agricultural Research
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Nowadays most people in advanced countries endangered under adult diseases such ashypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, inflammatory disease, human oxidation, and liver-relateddiseases. In South Korea also very serious situation for the adults and children by the changingfrom vegetable food to animal food and changed labor pattern from physical labor to mental labor.We aim to review Protaetia brevitarsis surensis (PBS)’s beneficial multi-functions on human withresearch reports and verification of well-known common sense in South Korea, which wascommonly known as medicinally very effective in liver related diseases. PBS larvae known as coldbody characteristics, so, it more effective to Yang-in(Oriental physical constitution classificationmethod: Warm body which Jinseng, Panax ginseng, not available people) than Um-in(Cool bodyJinseng available people). The functional effects mostly known effective on liver related diseasesmainly by oriental clinic and as folk remedies. However, nowadays PBS larvae’s folk remedies andother multi-functions scientifically researched and that results verified by many papers such aswhitening of skin therapeutic effects, prevention of breast cancer, inflammatory disease, humanoxidation, and liver-related diseases. For the increasing of medicinal effects, advancedfermentation and ethanol extraction methods will be very useful compared to non-fermentation ofPBS larvae and water extraction. So, we concluded that PBS could diminish or decreasing theadult diseases and it will be very useful food and medicinal materials simultaneously for the humanfood and medicine by the advanced extraction methods.
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