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유리의 질감으로 구현된 세계 : 벨라루스 영화 《크리스탈(Хрусталь)》 연구World of Glass Image : A Study on the Film Crystal

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World of Glass Image : A Study on the Film Crystal
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Belarusian Cinema; Film Crystal; Daria Zhuk; Soviet Cinema; Minsk International Film Festival; 벨라루스 영화; 영화 《크리스탈》; 다리야 주크; 소련 영화; 민스크국제영화제
러시아어문학연구논집, no.71, pp.293 - 316
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This article analyzed the film Crystal by Belarusian director Dariya Zhuk. Belarusian films, which have not undergone full-scale academic research at home and abroad until now, have been gaining earnest praise from domestic and international critics since 2017, and have been awarded at prestigious international film festivals or included in major programs. Daria Zhuk's Crystal is a work that captures the Belarusian landscape immediately after independence from the Soviet Union. This work depicts the times of the time through young people who cannot find the direction to go after independence, and sees it as another reflection of the present state. The vulnerability of the world, which this film shows through the texture of glass, is still present. Glass, which has fragile physical properties, also gives a motif of reflection through mirror. In this work, glass also serves as a connecting line between the past and the present. Director Dariya Zhuk is a debutant, but she uses the cinema language in an appropriate way. The title of the film Crystal is a key image of the picture, which expresses the characteristics of a fragile world that is described throughout the work. Glass is also portrayed as an image representing a barrier to bureaucracy. In this work, Velya, the protagonist, has to constantly face the counter and take care of the work. However, workers beyond the counter only perform tasks mechanically according to the set rules and are not interested in efficient work processing. It is also worth paying attention to the various mise-en-scene codes used to proceed with the narrative of the movie. The director effectively portrays the character's psychological state and surrounding situations through the proper use of the charade code, character code, and sound code. After all, the film Crystal tells that even though the world or system in which humans live may seem solid, in fact, it is very vulnerable. This work captures the human figure who seeks a way to survive while suffering the pain of life in an inherently vulnerable world, and uses the properties of reflection to the audience, rather than making any specific comments on it. This work composes the narrative arising from the desire of a young woman to leave her country in a relatively structured manner, and more importantly, it enriches the narrative with the audiovisual language of the film. In this regard, Daria Zhuk's debut film Crystal has a certain meaning in Belarusian cinema history, and Daria Zhuk's next films should also be noted.
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