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The effects of personality characteristics, emotional labor, and burnout on job satisfaction and turnover intention for hotel employees

Kim, W.Oh, J.
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ICIC International
Burnout; Emotional labor; Job satisfaction; Personality characteristics; Turnover intention
ICIC Express Letters, Part B: Applications, v.12, no.2, pp.169 - 174
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ICIC Express Letters, Part B: Applications
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The purpose of this study is to establish an effective management strategy for local hotel employees. Uncertainty in labor market has been rising compared to the past, and hotel employees are under difficulties such as job insecurity and frequent turnover. In particular, the influence of psychological factors of service employees on organizational performance has been proven through many previous researches, but empirical studies on hotel employees, especially the studies focused on employee burnout that occurs at the moment of facing consumers, have relatively not been actively performed. In this study, the dimension of personality characteristics of hotel employees in small and medium-sized hotels with various organizational environment changes has been derived, and the effect of each personality dimension on emotional labor, burnout, job satisfaction and turnover intention have been analyzed. As a result of the study, first, the effects of personal characteristics on emotional labor are all accepted except extroversion and sociability. Second, the effects of personal characteristics on burnout are all accepted except extroversion. Third, the effect of emotional labor on burnout has been turned out to be positively associated. Fourth, in the relationship among emotional labor, burnout and job satisfaction, the influence of emotional labor on job satisfaction has been identified significantly associated, while the influence of burnout on job satisfaction has not been significantly linked. Fifth, the effects of emotional labor, burnout, and job satisfaction on turnover intention have been also all accepted. The results of this study are expected to be used as grounds for establishing a strategy for management of hotel employees in small and medium-sized hotel workers. In particular, the results of this study suggest that differentiated management reflecting employees’ personality characteristics is necessary to improve hotel organization performance. Through the study, we expect this study will help with expanding the scope of future studies on hotel employment management as the study examines the personality characteristics affecting emotional labor and burnout. ? 2021, ICIC International. All rights reserved.
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